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Admission Rules

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Admission Process

  1. Candidates who will take admission in any programme is only through online Portal of Kumaun University. 

  2. The candidates will be interviewed for admission. They must be personally present before the admission committee at the time of interview with their original certificates, get admission recommended and get their signatures attested. Admission will be granted on depositing original transfer certificate and character certificate. Identity card of the College will be completely filled along with admission application form and the same will be given to the candidates as soon as he deposits the fee. The candidates will have to be compulsorily present before the admission committee and it will not be possible to grand admission in case a candidate remains absent.

  3. For girl students, separate Committees will be formed if the number of girl applicants are substantial.

University Admission Rules

  1. Effective from the academic session 2007-08, Kumaun University has changed admission rules, both for the campus and affiliated colleges.  These rules are diveded into following :
    Chapter 1: General Rules
    Chapter 2: Rules for Preparation of Merit List for Admission to Graduate and        
                      Post Graduate Classes in Arts, Science and Commerce Faculties

  2. The candidates whose admission is sanctioned will have to deposit the prescribed fee within the prescribed period on the Bank extension counter in the College. Failure to do so will lead to automatic cancellation of the admission and the next candidate in merit will be given admission.

  3. In case of failure to get admission in a particular faculty, the same admission form may not be used for admission to another faculty. If a candidate does not hope to get admission in a particular faculty and if he is desirous of seeking admission in another faculty, he may apply separately for admission to such faculty before the prescribed date.

  4. Consideration under admission rule 1-12 of the university will be possible only when regular student submits medical certificate to the effect and an affidavit with regard to the reason.

  5. Time table will be pasted on the notice board immediately after the last date of admission and teaching shall commence accordingly.

  6. It is compulsory for each student to carry identity card. Entry to the college campus without identity card is prohibited.

  7. To prevent misuse of the identity card, the arrangement has been made that in case of loss of the identity card, the student concerned will submit an application with affidavit to the Proctorial Board to this effect. The Proctorial Board will make a detailed inquiry and issue a second copy of the identity card after Rs 30 have been deposited. If a student is caught with a forged identity card, the college administration will initiate disciplinary and legal action against the student.

  8. Students passing compartmental examination will not be considered for admission after the admission date is over.

  9. Change of faculty and subjects will be allowed conditionally.

  10. Student failing in any class will not be re-admitted to the same class.