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Pandit Badri Dutt Pandey Campus, Bageshwar (Formerly Govt. P. G. College), Uttarakhand was established as the Campus of the Soban Singh Jeena University on 27 August 2020 vide notification No. 74/ XXIV-C-1/2021-01 (11) /2018 dated 27 August 2020 under the Soban Singh Jeena University Act, 2019 (Uttarakhand Act No.19 of 2020), as a result of persistent demand from the residents of hill areas for a campus that could provide quality education and research.  The Campus is named after Shri Badri Dutt Pandey who faught against the Britishers and abolished the prevalent Kuli  Begar Pratha a practice of exploiting common people. For this gallant act, he was honoured as "Kumaon Kesari.